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The Phenomenon Of Jade Eggs A Tiny Tool of Transformation ​ ​PART 2 I’m addicted to food, I have been most of my life, and I want to share that after using the Jade Egg, I no longer have an addictive relationship with food. I’m 73 years old and I’ve lived without much libido, however, [...]

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Sensual Pelvis

Hello Radiant One! Would you like to unlock more of your libido? For this month’s delicious tip, I will share with you a fun way of unleashing more aliveness in your body! In fact, when this exercise was given to seniors, it was found that after only 1 week of practice, the seniors reported a [...]

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EG audio poster

Aloha Beautiful! We have just received this GIFT from Lisa Schraeder and the Shakti Summit! It’s a recording of yesterday’s interview in which I reveal my thoughts about “Our Innate Erotic Genius & It’s Evolutionary Impact”. Innate Erotic Genius and Its Evolutionary Impact Like it? Tell me what’s compelling and resonates with you about it [...]

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EG poster

…the gravitational attraction between one naked body & another is but a small reflection of the more ongoing and insistent eros between our body & the earth.—David Abram The word Erotic is titillating. It can make us blush, our hearts beat a little faster, yearn for our lover, or run in the other direction as [...]

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Jade Egg header

If I’ve had kids, don’t I need a bigger egg? No. I’m a virgin, can I still use a Jade Egg? – Yes. I have trouble with incontinence, will the Jade Egg help? – Yes. I’m older, haven’t had sex in a long time, have vaginal dryness and no desire, will this Jade Egg thing [...]

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Secret of Smiling

For some of us, June is the month to celebrate our Father and fatherhood in general. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Just as last month we looked at our relationship with our mother, this month is all about the imprint we received from the masculine from our father or a father-figure in our life. One thing I’ve [...]

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Reclaiming Our Space

Hello Delightful Beauty! May is the month to celebrate our Mother and motherhood in general. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Our relationship with our mother is profound, and as you know, deeply impactful on how you live your life as a woman and how you interact with women in general. If you find that you have a [...]

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Delicious Tip - April 2014

Being the avid Jade Egg user that I am, I always have a giggle around Easter when the topic of ‘Easter Egg Hunting’ comes about… throws a whole new meaning to the event! And as a passionate Jade Egg user, I am fascinated with all of the incredible ways in which it supports us to entrain our [...]

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Hello Gorgeous! Very soon it will be Equinox! A time of transition seasonally, and perhaps, also personally. For this month, I felt it really important to talk about something that is dear to my heart: NON-NEGOTIABLES! Click here for the video…  

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Very recently, I held a live webinar called ’63 Ways To Orgasm’ and one of the questions I received stayed with me. Let me paraphrase it here: “What happens when knowing that pleasure is my birthright isn’t enough? I mean, I know this, and yet, my situation remains the same.” I loved this question! I [...]

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