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Delicious Tip - April 2014

Being the avid Jade Egg user that I am, I always have a giggle around Easter when the topic of ‘Easter Egg Hunting’ comes about… throws a whole new meaning to the event! And as a passionate Jade Egg user, I am fascinated with all of the incredible ways in which it supports us to entrain our [...]

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Hello Gorgeous! Very soon it will be Equinox! A time of transition seasonally, and perhaps, also personally. For this month, I felt it really important to talk about something that is dear to my heart: NON-NEGOTIABLES! Click here for the video…  

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Very recently, I held a live webinar called ’63 Ways To Orgasm’ and one of the questions I received stayed with me. Let me paraphrase it here: “What happens when knowing that pleasure is my birthright isn’t enough? I mean, I know this, and yet, my situation remains the same.” I loved this question! I [...]

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Deep inside yourself, you can feel it. It can be the softest whisper or as powerful as newly unleashed lava. However you sense it, your sexual evolution is happening right now.  Even if you don’t believe in it or you feel trapped, lost, or simply bored out of your mind, within you is a force [...]

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Have you ever contemplated why you feel so tired during your period? Perhaps you don’t feel tired, but the women around you always remark about how tired they feel around their menstrual cycle? Maybe you read about how women can learn to actually stop their menses through specific practices and you wondered about whether or [...]

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Is sexual pleasure something haphazard or is it something you intentionally cultivate? When you do have sex, is orgasm the essential ingredient to ‘good sex’? Perhaps sex no longer fascinates you and has become a get-it-over-and-done-with chore? Even if sex is still important, maybe you sense something is amiss and wonder where all of your [...]

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Deep inside, you ache. Something is missing in your life and it hurts, yet you dare not utter its presence aloud. You have moments of utter clarity of how your life could really be and just as quickly, you are filled with thoughts of impossibility and doom. You have done everything you felt was “right” [...]

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You dress to kill, hair perfect, outfit hip & hot, yet as you step out into the world, you notice that you go unnoticed. You’ve heard all the savvy tips on how to attract your mate and diligently practice them only to find that even if you do get a date, they don’t call you [...]

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Have you found yourself craving touch and intimacy, yet your partner barely responds to your advances? Perhaps, during sex, he is not very sensual: no kissing, no touching, no eye contact, no foreplay whatsoever? Maybe he complains after sex, saying he can’t understand why you don’t orgasm when all his past lovers did? Or post [...]

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There is no one around and deep inside, you feel a powerful urge to express the depth of your ache. You ache for deep, fulfilling pleasure and you want it now! Scenario One: You reach for your hidden stash of chocolate and with trembling fingers, rip open the wrapper to reveal the silky, forbidden darkness. [...]

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