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Hello Pleasurista! Did you know that sitting is actually ruining your pleasure potential? In this month’s delicious tip, we explore the determential impact of being part of a ‘sitting culture’ and how we can transform our pelvis with a ridiculously simple breathing technique. I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t yet reached my limit […]

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Did you know that sitting is one of the worse culprits to damaging your pleasure and pelvic health? YIKES! The good news is that there are some fun, easy ways that you can counter the effects of long-term inactivity. In this month’s Delicious Tip Video, I’ll explore how we’re virtually sitting on an unlimited resource […]

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You’ve made the choice to make pleasure important, yet everywhere you turn, you feel criticized, or worse, shunned for your new found sensual playfulness. As you explore what it means to express your sensual self more fully, you keep wondering if its actually safe and appropriate to do so. Since choosing to embrace more of […]

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Profound Self Intimacy

Recalibrate your erotic nature by connecting your heart and your yoni. Hello Beautiful! Have you ever noticed how children sleep? Sometimes they sleep holding their sweet little bodies? This month’s delicious tip reveals a simple practice that is natural for all of us to do, in fact, some of us may be doing it without […]

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Are Vaginal Apps & The “Skea” Video Game The Future? As a lover of all things that bring women more pleasure, self-love, and a renewed passion for life, I’m always curious about new fads and tools for sexual empowerment. There are two new emerging trends have grabbed my attention: the kGoal & the Skea video […]

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The Phenomenon Of Jade Eggs A Tiny Tool of Transformation ​ ​PART 2 I’m addicted to food, I have been most of my life, and I want to share that after using the Jade Egg, I no longer have an addictive relationship with food. I’m 73 years old and I’ve lived without much libido, however, […]

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Sensual Pelvis

Hello Radiant One! Would you like to unlock more of your libido? For this month’s delicious tip, I will share with you a fun way of unleashing more aliveness in your body! In fact, when this exercise was given to seniors, it was found that after only 1 week of practice, the seniors reported a […]

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EG audio poster

Aloha Beautiful! We have just received this GIFT from Lisa Schraeder and the Shakti Summit! It’s a recording of yesterday’s interview in which I reveal my thoughts about “Our Innate Erotic Genius & It’s Evolutionary Impact”. Innate Erotic Genius and Its Evolutionary Impact Like it? Tell me what’s compelling and resonates with you about it […]

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EG poster

…the gravitational attraction between one naked body & another is but a small reflection of the more ongoing and insistent eros between our body & the earth.—David Abram The word Erotic is titillating. It can make us blush, our hearts beat a little faster, yearn for our lover, or run in the other direction as […]

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Jade Egg header

If I’ve had kids, don’t I need a bigger egg? No. I’m a virgin, can I still use a Jade Egg? – Yes. I have trouble with incontinence, will the Jade Egg help? – Yes. I’m older, haven’t had sex in a long time, have vaginal dryness and no desire, will this Jade Egg thing […]

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